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Two weeks after opening, two large escalade SUVs and two tour buses pulled into the Huron Pier parking

lot. With everyone curious to know who or what was inside, within a few hours after freezing on the Huron Pier, one of the world’s most famous pop artists walked through our doors to warm up after fishing and to buy some worms, tackle, and a net. It was Justin Bieber who had a concert in Cleveland, Ohio, the previous night. He was coerced and guided in by a Huron local, Tim Golling. Tim saw Justin Beiber and said “you have to let us get a picture with you, nothing like this ever happens in Huron, Ohio.” So Justin Bieber agreed, allowing Chris Bell and Julie Spitzley to take a few Iphone selfies for everyone to enjoy.

Soon after exiting the area, Justin Bieber’s venture at the Huron Pier created a buzz. Many people came down to catch a glimpse; however, only stories remained to be told by Bell, Spitzley, and Golling. The next day, our local paper, the Sandusky Register, was the first to tell the story. On their Facebook page they felt that they reached over 120,000 accounts, and to put that into perspective a good story usually reaches about 5,000 accounts. It was shared over 1,000 times on their Facebook page, when other good articles are only shared between 50-75 times.   On the reporter’s Twitter account, he tweeted this story twice and had 300 retweets and favorites and, again to put this into perspective, a good story might get 10 retweets and 10 favorites. All of this activity had Huron, Ohio, in the headlines. As the reporter Andy Ouriel told it, “Huron hosted one of the most popular musicians in the world.” Thank you Andy for doing that for our hometown.

Bieber wandered around Huron’s North Main Pier, went fishing and found some company in the form of curious locals. Bieber struck up a conversation with Chris Bell after going inside her North Main Street store, Old Fish House, which just opened earlier this month. “He bought some worms, some bait and a net,” said Bell, who said she is now a “Belieber,” the moniker for Bieber superfans. Bell then explained why Bieber came to Huron.

“His driver is from Avon, and the driver’s dad used to take him fishing here,” Bell said. “Justin wanted to chill out by the water. So they came here because the driver knew it was secluded.” Bieber also sipped on some Huron-brewed Storm Mountain Coffee Roasters. “He was drinking my coffee,” roasters owner Julie Spitzley said. “He was really happy to get his picture taken with us.”