About the Old Fish House

The Old Fish House, offers a variety of beverages such as coffee, craft and domestic beers, wine, liquor, and various simple snacks. We are located at 30 Main Street in Huron, Ohio. Our building is next to the property where the Showboat Restaurant was located 20 years ago. Our name was created to remember what these shacks were referred to years ago when this area thrived off of the steamboat manufacturing industry. With a lot of hard work from many we have become lifelong friends with, our doors opened for business on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Our main priority is to provide our customers with a neat experience for enjoyment within our great community that 7,000 plus people call home. Stop by and check Huron out, it is really a “Great Lakes Place” and when you leave I am sure you will not forget us.

We saw the potential at this location because one of our hometown’s best assets, The Huron Pier, sits just north of our storefront, and, with only a few commercial businesses open “Nier the Pier, the idea was to open a shop with “Nix Nax’s, Snacks, and BS Facts” for people to enjoy before and after they take a scenic walk on the pier.

The goal was simple: create a custom shop matching the unique Huron Pier to create a milieu that can only be found in Huron, Ohio. In order to accomplish this, a modern and complete remodel by family and friends of the Dike family needed to occur. This process took over three years to complete, and the exclusive and singular effect was achieved by using all local businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Our close friend, Jimmy “No Wheelz” Bonta, originally from Bay Village, Ohio, created and made the signage using no machines. He debated his sketches, then elaborated his colors of paint onto a $20 piece of wood to create what you see hanging above the entrance. We are forever grateful to him for helping us create a one of a kind image.  Thank you Jimmy!

We wanted our décor to be unique, classy, and sophisticated, and for that we turned to Sandusky Salvage & Design, owned by Benny Byington and Conner Waylan. Our door and window trim, along with our doors, were all salvaged from a house at 533 McKinkley Street in Sandusky, Ohio.

Prior to being salvaged, the house containing all the items had caught fire. Sandusky Salvage & Design was able to turn those fire-damaged doors and trim into something beautiful and eye catching. Our bar top wood was from the Windau heating and cooling building also known as the old Sandusky Ice House. The footrest beam came to us from the Old Keller building in Sandusky, Ohio, as well.

We also value and use local products. That is why we have partnered with other local businesses and offer unique goods. As we continue to grow this business, we plan to explore other options with other locals to offer many more items for people to enjoy. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, Old Fish House – Huron.

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